Vaughn Legs Spread Appart
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images/fiche/ob_532472_e-vieille-porte-b.jpgPseudo : BONDISSIMO
Localité : FRANCE
Age :
Nombre de vidéos : 1324

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Soumis / Slave
images/fiche/2016-08-145.jpgPseudo : VAUGHN
Localité : UKRAINE
Age : N/A
Nombre de vidéos : 24

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Vidéo ajoutée le 18-02-17 18:33

Vues : 1930
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Commentaires [6]
Hi Bondissimo, that`s a mighty nice vid . Love when Vaughn struggles tied up n gagged in leather. would love to see him in real Motorcycle-leathers, boots, gloves tied up and gagged. If possible I am abble to provide some nice gear for him. Please contact me

Posté le 20-02-2017 à 18:45 par biker_cowboy1

Im not sure that he is a motor cycle guy but I should meet him soon I will ask him
when you say you can provide nice gear for him what are you speaking exactly about ?

Posté le 22-02-2017 à 00:31 par gemecal

Hello From Houston Texas. Thank you so much for posting your passion for bondage.

Posté le 22-02-2017 à 14:59 par BondageBudTx

sziasztok meg ismerkednk a srccal!

Posté le 19-03-2017 à 19:12 par lacika

meg ismerkednk a srccal!

Posté le 19-03-2017 à 19:17 par lacika

I got different gear for him: 1) Racingleather (Dainese, Alpinestars, FLM ) Racingboots ( Alpinestars, Sidi ),Gloves and 2) Black Leather: Bikerboots, Leatherjeans, Leatherchaps, Leathershirt, Bikerjacket, Gloves and some good Cowboygear. Need to know what size he has in Boots, Jeans, who great he is ( 170, 175, 180 or so ) and if possible I would love to be with you seeing him been tied up . Could also provide a good Batman-suit he could wear and be bound and gagged. Cheers from Michael

Posté le 02-04-2017 à 16:20 par biker_cowboy1

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