Alexei Learning The Submission
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Soumis / Slave
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Localité : FRANCE
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Alexei! Thank heaven we see him more frequently once more! We thank Alexei himself, for allowing us to feast on his divine form tied and gagged - that we might dream of touching him - and we thank Le Maitre for binding him in so masterful a manner - to give our dreams heat. Beware of Alexei: his aristocratic elegance of limb and digit will bewitch you! It has me. Truly, this mesmerizing youth is no slave. Once he is fettered, he rules as a prince! This video is titled “Learning The Submission” but We Who Watch are the ones doing the learning … of how to submit to the allure of Alexei and the skill of Le Maitre!

Posté le 07-04-2017 à 06:14 par Jejune21241

Le Maitre’s artistry and imagination are inexhaustible, yet still, this is not one of the GREAT Alexei videos. (For starters, it is maddening to see so much of his sexy body remain covered.) Each Alexei video is special. I offer a commentary on this one, to entice We Who Watch: if this modest one is so full of memorable moments, imagine what riches await you in this splendid youth’s library! (I promise, revered Le Maitre, not to clog up your site with comments of such length again. Please just this once allow me to praise Alexei and you!)

Posté le 07-04-2017 à 06:38 par Jejune21241

May I Share Some Moments To Treasure? -- Beginning: A youth - a slender, elegantly formed young man - lying bound & gagged. How fetchingly are the ropes placed! He cannot flee! Alas, this demigod is fully clothed, but perhaps Le Maitre will unveil parts of our prince’s body to behold. Oh! The possibilities for tying his divine feet and toes to the bar make me pant. .34: Alexei awakes! He tests his bonds and becomes aware of his helplessness. Alexei kindly turns his head so we may drink in his noble profile with his trademark high brow, distinguished nose, finely etched lips. Oh, those lips! They are stretched by a gag. [Gasp! Alexei GAGGED!! Merci!!! ] It is a bit unusual for Alexei to purse his lips shut over the cloth cleaving his lovely mouth. Is this an effort to preserve himself, to fight violation? 56: A side view of Luminous Alexei’s incredibly trim waist, along with his muscled arms and artistic hands. How provocative are those raised veins, how elegant his tapered fingers. Try to glimpse them. Does Alexei know how he drips with sexiness when he moves his hips and buttocks? Does he know how we yearn to put our hands in that pocket hanging open? 2:17: Le Maitre brandishes his cat-nine-tails whisk. Now, inducing pain has no place in my phantasies. To me, if the only thing you can think of to do, when seeing an apparition of celestial light that is our adored, captured Alexei, is to harm him, then you are stunted. But the all-wise Le Maitre does not torture so much as tease. The whisk’s flicks are more reminders to our fettered idol of how intense our desire for him can be. We yearn for Alexei - oh thou stunning & unattainable vision come to us over the aether - to the point of pain! Let the Tempter know himself how We Who Watch feel his lash! 3:52 More rope! More rope to TIE UP Alexei! Ah, dear one, do not think your watchers are rooting for you to escape. We want you gloriously TIED & GAGGED, more and more! (And naked, too, if you deign) 4:23: Oh, the tension in this lithe, slender yet sinuously powerful body! The slash of the gag cleaving those lips! How utterly breathtaking! 4:48: How cunning are the knots fashioned by Le Maitre! He is a virtuoso. 5:11: The divine Alexei struggles to speak! Ahh, Alexei - often so tightly, erotically GAGGED into silence - we can hear your velvet voice and it is as remarkable as every other part of you. Your protests come to nothing, for we hunger to see you bound and gagged, but, please, continue to struggle because thereby you shall surely conquer us. 5:30 The lock of hair falling on that noble brow and the glint of the chain hanging from your smooth neck are somehow entrancing. Oh, that body of yours cries out to be stripped of those rags and then adorned with jewels in its naked splendor. YOU cry out, too, and we wail inwardly in response. The way the gag stretches your lips is devastating. 6:04 Le Maitre caresses your head. How I envy him, that he can touch your smooth skin and the bristling of your virile, cropped hair. But I do not begrudge Le Maitre this honor, for his magic has brought you to us. 6:24 Have you any inkling how your trim waist thrills us? No wonder Le Maitre gives it special attention. I am sure you are no stranger to an insistent tug on your trousers: your legions of admirers must clamor to pull them down! 6:58 Alexei, you cause those rude, clunky boots to clang against the posts and bars in your frustration. We cannot help but envision those refined, expressive, aristocratic feet of yours encased within them, so cruelly hidden from our view. Alas, this drama is almost at an end, so we must look to other video adventures to satisfy our longing to see your beautiful feet, grateful for your generosity and Le Maitre’s artistry to be able to do so. Le Maitre’s subtlety is evident even in this, his denial of our wishes: those hateful boots make the visions of what they hide even more enticing. We shall appreciate your feet all the more when we behold them bared in glory. 7:09 Alexei, your smallest gesture is invested with allure. You show your teeth as you bite your gag, and we feel a frisson of lust. 7:23 The vein throbbing on your forehead is sexy! 8:11 A fine view of Alexei’s tapered hands as he unclenches them. There is the mysterious ring. Is Alexei wed? 8:42 How long have I kept the video on Pause to behold the divine Alexei’s face close up! Ahh, the little imperfections that are dear because they confirm our idol is human. Ahh, the wondrous lips and that refined philtrum (that little indent beneath the nose, which, in Alexei, is PERFECT). Oh look: his gag is wet from his spittle. How would it feel pressed against my lips? Ending: Our prince sleeps, exhausted from his struggles, secure still in his fetters and his pulchritude. Is Alexei dreaming? I know that I shall dream tonight, about a captive prince who reigns in beauty. Oh, quiet inhabitant of a far away land, do you realize that you cast a spell over people who live half a planet & an entire world away?

Posté le 07-04-2017 à 07:04 par Jejune21241

Alexei is my prince.... My favourite.... Together with Dylan. Beautiful specimens. Alexei looks best in red ballgag. Wish to see him in that again soon :)

Posté le 08-04-2017 à 04:14 par snailmill

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