GHOST suspend
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Soumis / Slave
images/fiche/GHOST.jpgPseudo : GHOST
Localité : FRANCE
Age : N/A
Nombre de vidéos : 17

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Vidéo ajoutée le 24-10-11 19:58

Vues : 1986
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Commentaires [2]
There is a frame at the end of Ghost’s first video, just seconds before the end, which shows him smiling because he has escaped his fetters. And what fetters! What a mass of rope imprisons him. He rears up, his delectable body revealed in all its splendor. When Ghost smiles for a mere second or two, we behold a Moment of True Beauty. This fugitive flash is forever seared in my memory. His beauty is as mysterious as Debussy’s “Voiles-Prelude Bk I”, as electrifying as Saint-Saens’ “Danse Macabre”, as heroic as Beethoven’s “Emperor Concerto” and, yes, as sublime and transcendent as Bach’s “Agnus Dei - Mass in b minor”. My scalp tingles when I see Ghost smile, I swear to you.

Posté le 07-04-2017 à 10:28 par Jejune21241

The smile of the stunning and exquisite Ghost, for all its beauty and charm, puzzles me. Is being tied up a GAME for you, wondrous Ghost? Is it funny that he escaped, Le Maitre? Oh, Scintillating Vision, verily I say unto you, you are playing with FIRE! I behold you all but naked, with the clean, youthful lines of your lithe, splendid body revealed - oh, the arch of your back, the delicious concavity of your stretched stomach, the angry crimson of your muscular buttocks, the tousle of your hair, the luscious curves of your chest and shoulders and legs - oh the GLORY that is YOU! And then I see that strength and power constrained and confined with ropes, so you are helpless and cannot flee, so you cannot even see me. Blessed necromancer, as much as I revere you, I would not trust myself to treat you as the sacred incarnation of beauty that you are. As much as I respect you, I might be overcome by lust… and I’m a timid twerp. Heaven help you with more aggressive folk! Beware the power you wield to beguile! It is of YOU the poet is speaking when he writes, “Weave a circle round him thrice/ And close your eyes in holy dread,/ For he on honeydew hath fed/ And drunk the milk of Paradise.” Oh Wondrous Ghost, Coleridge’s verse is wonderfully suggestive. Great art can mean many things, but one thing he is NOT talking about is downing a melon smoothie!

Posté le 07-04-2017 à 11:41 par Jejune21241

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